About ACE Lifecare (P) Ltd.

ACE LIFECARE is an initiative of an enterprising group of professionals including a pharmaceutical marketing expert with over 25 years of experience and extensive International exposure, a practicing Medical Doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience and a young 3rd Generation business man.
As people become increasingly health-conscious, their life style extravagance makes them prone to new age ailments for which newer and newer drugs are required. Due to the mounting pricing pressure and changing marketing scenarios, pharmaceutical distributors worldwide are not only facing increasing challenges to achieve and maintain profitable growth, but also scrambling to introduce newer drugs. We offer companies an opportunity to face these challenges. A strategic relationship with us helps companies procure a wide range of world class formulations from WHO-GMP approved manufacturing plant, build their own product portfolio and focus on their core competency with marketing and distribution of drugs in their respective local markets/sub-regions.

Why Choose Us?

We are strategically located in Ahmedabad, in the Gujarat state of India. Gujarat is at the forefront of growth in the pharmaceutical industry in India. It accounts for nearly 42% share of India’s pharmaceutical turnover, 22% of its drug exports and 20% of its chemicals output. Gujarat’s pharmaceutical industry has evolved in to an innovation-driven knowledge-focused industry.

Our Manufacturing Plants with WHO-GMP approvals are equipped with cutting edge technologies. With approvals from various regulated and semi-regulated markets, these support plants, are ready to supply to over 20 emerging countries world-wide (in Africa, SE Asia and Latin America). We are capable of executing small as well as bulk orders. We understand requirements can vary from customer to customer and so we do not believe in tying up our customers with minimum order quantities. The economies of scale work in our favor – with a large client pool with similar requirements, we have the negotiation powers to bring to you quality products at very reasonable prices

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